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opossum [uh-pos-uh m, pos-uh m]

noun, plural opossums (especially collectively) opossum.

1. Didelphis virginiana. A prehensile-tailed marsupial, of the eastern U.S., the female having an abdominal pouch in which its young are carried: noted for the habit of feigning death when in danger.
2. Any of various animals of related genera.

sen·a·tor [senədər]

1. a member of a senate.

Play Possum


play possum (third-person singular simple present plays possum, present participle playing possum, simple past and past participle played possum)

1. (idiomatic) to feign death; to remain quiet and still to escape attention or remain undetected; to lie low.

2. (idiomatic) to feign sleep, illness, etc.


Link: A list of Senators and their phone numbers.

If you want to keep your health care,
call and let these "Opossums" know!

All three of these 'Opossum Senators' voted to take the first steps to destroy your healthcare. After weeks of claiming they were not sure how they would vote. Did they have to wait for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or Karl Rove to tell they what they think? Or is it possible they were lying all along? (This is a trick question, unless you're a Republican).

Maybe all three of the "Opossum Senators" just want to help "Free" us from quality healthcare, the way they have already "Freed" us from clean drinking water and clean (breathable or non-toxic air).

If you, or any member of your immediate or extended family have any health issue's (problems), now is the time to act. Can you imagine telling a young child they may die because you (Mommy and Daddy) can't afford to take them to the hospital/doctor?

Call the Opossum Republican Senators at the phone numbers listed above. Call today, tomorrow and everyday until the leave our medical care alone. Once and for all.

cory gardner

Contact Information

Senator Cory Gardner

R - Colorado

Phone: Denver Office - 303-391-5777

Phone: (Washington):(202) 224-5941

cory gardner

Our apologies to the opossum!

Link: Cory Gardner: a swing-state case study of the GOP health-care bind

Contact Information

Senator Ben Sasse

R - Nebraska

Phone: Lincoln Office - 402-476-1400

Phone: Washington,DC Office - 202-224-4224

cory gardner

Our apologies to the opossum!

Link: The Wasted Mind of Ben Sasse

Contact Information

Senator Bob Corker

R - Tennessee

Phone: Chattanooga Office - 423-756-2757

Phone: Washington,DC Office - 202-224-3344

cory gardner

Our apologies to the opossum!

Link: Why Senate Republicans can't agree to repeal Obamacare, in charts

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